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Alright, with the lockdown and now finishing my semester from home, I should have a bit more time for posting my work. 

Sergio Garfield/Voltage: Once a construction worker and a loving family man, Sergio Garfield’s experiences with the same organization that changed Sgt. Hardshell has reduced him to a giggling and rambling mass of crackling electricity, incapable of speaking in coherent sentences or even recognizing where he is or what he’s doing; he’s torn down buildings, shorted out cities, fried hundreds of people in his chaotic, frenzied rampage across Atlas, and the potential he becomes a global threat increases by the day. He is often used as an attack dog by other super villains, as his severe… mental imbalances leave him vulnerable and ripe for manipulation.

Voltage has the ability to generate and control electricity. He can control the number of volts he discharges, ranging from just one to a maximum of 60,000,000; either he releases it as a bolt of energy or from his fingertips. His body also acts as a “transformer” of sorts, as he can channel electrical power through his body and even stockpile it within himself. Voltage is also capable of flight by propelling himself across electrical fields, and can disperse himself into pure electricity and use electrical connections as a transport/escape route.

The experiments that gave Voltage his powers also cost him his sanity, leaving him so mentally imbalanced that he is incapable of recognizing his wife, three kids, and friends ever again.