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Alright, NightLighters and Seafarers are done. I’m gonna start uploading villains now, this is where I started improving on my posing.

Wilbert Hiller/Sgt. Hardshell: A former soldier who came home shell-shocked by the things he saw and did overseas. After receiving treatment for his trauma, he settled into a job as a schoolteacher, thinking he had moved on from his experiences… only to accidentally kill one of his students during a PTSD attack. With his marriage dissolved and nothing left, he agreed to become a guinea pig for a mysterious organization’s experiments in hopes it would save him financially. The treatment transformed him into a hulking, turtle-like beast, the mutations iron-maidening him within his own body and leaving him slowly going insane from the pain. Driven by hunger and hate and rage against the world, he now wanders the sewers and slums of Midnight City in search of food (mostly people) and leaves bloodshed wherever he goes; the best way to tell when he’s nearby is the soft clinking of his chains, and the rambling mutterings of soldier protocol and his dead student’s name, repeated over and over again…

Sgt. Hardshell has all the characteristics of the animal he’s based on; he can pull his head and limbs into his shell for defense, and the shell itself is virtually impenetrable against firepower from guns, cannons, and turrets alike. He is capable of staying underwater for days at a time and is an incredibly adept swimmer despite his size, and he has enough raw physical strength to lift over 600,000 tons of solid material.