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Arthur Stokes/Man-O-War: A former mercenary and bounty hunter now working as the Silent Sunrise’s primary lookout. Still an outlaw at heart, Arthur Stokes lives by the philosophy that rules are made to be broken. If there are laws, he’ll go out of his way to break them. If something isn’t tied down, he’s taking it. His ideology has earned him a reputation as a wild card among his team, and the people on said team itself have lost track of the times they’ve had to drag him out of a situation of his own making; it leaves them annoyed at best, and at worse the captain screaming at him. But all of them understand Stokes genuinely doesn’t mean harm; he just finds laws stifling. It helps that he’s a genuinely welcoming Seafarer who will gladly take the younger generation under his wing and promise them adventures and rewards of treasure that he follows through on, and his jolly, devil-may-care attitude ensures it’s hard to stay mad at him for too long.

Arthur Stokes/Man-O-War is a human-jellyfish hybrid who can generate massive amounts of electricity from his own body and manipulate for both offense and defense. He is well known to stick his hands in the water and electrocute any pirates wading their way to shore, and he is capable of choosing how much voltage he releases; it can range from a mild static shock to searing flesh clean off the bone. He is capable of staying underwater for an infinite amount of time and no longer needs to sleep or eat, making him an ideal candidate for the ship’s crow’s nest. Man-O-War has two primary weaknesses; he can only manipulate electricity he himself creates, and is a notoriously slow swimmer.

Man-O-War represents an unconventional aspect of the sea; he emulates the Stingsilk, a jellyfish-like creature that lurks off the coast and preys on anyone who gets too far out to sea, and is capable of devouring great white sharks and even orcas.