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Wanda Bryant/Rockweed: A deckhand who works alongside Flotsam and Jetsam, and the Seafarer you can expect to see the least. A sufferer of crippling social anxiety and a recluse who spends most of her time in her cabin when not needed; she’ll be the first to leave the dining hall when the Seafarers eat together and will blush and hide her face when directly interacted with. Despite her overwhelming shyness, she’s not entirely closed off to relationships; she has established a close father-daughter bond with fellow teammate Man-O-War and is surprisingly close friends with the crew’s resident rule-sticker Glaciation. The more she emerges more from her shell, the more the Seafarers realize the girl has one of the kindest and most empathetic hearts on the entire ship.

Wanda Bryant/Rockweed is capable of manipulating seaweed, kelp, and various other marine plants; when in an area with a large amount of sea plants, she becomes a force of nature who can ensnare, trap, and drag down opponents with thick chains of seaweed. She is also known to create large “rafts” of seaweed when the Seafarers aid a wrecked ship. Finally, Rockweed is able to breath underwater for a short period of time, allowing her to remain somewhat out of reach during battle.

Rockweed emulates the feeling of a piece of seaweed wrapping around one’s foot when in the water, in accordance with each Seafarer representing an aspect of the ocean.