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Gideon Levi/Bilge: The crackpot inventor of the Seafarers. Bilge is an excitable, eccentric, and eternally curious manchild obsessed with tinkering and building new and increasingly bizarre gadgets, and is happy to babble on and on and ON about his most recent device… when it works. He’s both the Seafarer’s most valuable asset and their biggest problem; for every one gadget that works and guarantees victory for his team, there’s three more that will blow up in his face and set his lab on fire. Bilge is also the medic for the Silent Sunrise, and it’s here where he gets to show off his more compassionate and nurturing side.

Bilge is the subject of affection for fellow Seafarer Marcie Gordon/Siren. While he is aware of her feelings for him, Bilge is terrified of her because of her forceful and even violent personality.

Bilge has the ability to manipulate rust and sea salt and solidify it into a variety of different shapes; he typically uses the power to create models of his latest gadget, but can also use it offensively, telekinetically creating barriers or spikes from the water. He is also equipped with a cybernetic eye equipped with night vision and telescopic vision.

In accordance with each Seafarer representing an aspect of the sea, Bilge represents rust and saltwater eating away at ship hulls and wharfs over time.