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Cade Vanderbilt/Leviathan: Not all heroes start out good. Cade Vanderbilt was once the devastatingly powerful oceanic supervillain known as Ammonite, using his massive sea monster form to target ship routes and coastal settlements under orders from a mysterious terrorist organization. His orders ultimately led him to tear apart and drag the coastal Perseverance City to the bottom of the sea, killing millions and leaving him traumatized. Prison has allowed him time to think and he has joined the Seafarers to atone for his crimes. While many superheroes respect his integrity and willingness to atone, others don’t; he’s feared and despised by the general populace, and is subjected to bitter, paranoia-fueled hatred from his fellow crewmate Maelstrom. Despite his obstacles, Cade is slowly but surely working his way through the transition from villain to hero.

Leviathan has the ability to summon the body of a gigantic sea monster around himself; his normal human body is encased in a cocoon of flesh, allowing him to control the sea monster from within. He has transformed into sea serpents, golems, megalodons, Mosasaurus, tentacled beasts, and a vast variety of other Lovecraftian creatures. He can select what he will become thanks to a device on his gauntlet, and once the creature is selected, a fingersnap will trigger the transformation. Leviathan can only transform twice a day.

Leviathan emulates mythical sea monsters, in accordance with the Seafarers each representing a specific aspect of the ocean.