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Brooke Feldstein/Kraken’s Widow: A sinfully sexy femme fatale who balances a double-life between a hero and world-famous singer. Despite her remarkable intelligence and her charisma, Brooke struggles with relating to others thanks to her celebrity life dulling her social skills; she thus comes off as vain, uncertain, and even a bit narcissistic in person. Thankfully, she still adheres to a strong set of morals and is finding her time with the Seafarers is allowing her a chance to discover herself; no matter how much their antics irritate her, Brooke is genuinely grateful for them offering her this opportunity and is slowly but surely mellowing out.

Kraken’s Widow is a hybrid between woman and octopus with the proportional strength and characteristics of the animal she’s based on; she’s strong enough to drag a sailing vessel underwater, and she is highly flexible, able to stretch and thin out her body to fit through openings others can’t. Kraken’s Widow primarily uses seduction and her natural charm when dealing with opponents; once she has them leaning in for the kiss, she wraps them in tentacles and drags them underwater to deal with them. She can non-lethally incapacitate opponents with a kiss thanks to a chemical in her teeth, and as a last-ditch resort, she can spit a blast of superheated ink to cover her escape.

Kraken’s Widow emulates the myth of giant squid/octopus attacking ships.