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With the Nightlighters done, I’m gonna move on to a new hero team.

These guys are the Seafarers; they’re a band of ocean-based heroes who go around saving the survivors of sinking ships and protecting coastal towns… and plundering loot and treasure from pirates… which sort of makes them pirates themselves. Because the Seafarers make up a 200+ man crew on a very large ship, I’m gonna focus on a select few, and maybe make more in the future.

Sullivan Wilkinson/Davy Jones: A hodgepodge of sea life and the captain of the Seafarers’ base of operations, the Silent Sunrise. He is a decorated military man and veteran with possibly a few screws loose, absolutely brimming with stories about his past exploits; he absolutely loves using those tales to offer advice to the sailors under his command. Though it’s widely accepted their captain has a few screws loose, the Seafarers look up to him as a father figure and a source of guidance.

Davy Jones is one of the most powerful Paradigms on Atlas and has a significantly jumbled powerset; he is capable of generating tidal waves, turning his body to water, quickly adapting to a variety of aquatic environments, superhuman durability/strength/senses/agility, the ability to communicate with marine animals, and controlling the weather. He also possesses a psychic link to his own ship, causing the Silent Sunrise to become an extension of himself; he can telepathically command the ship to sail at extraordinarily high speeds, submerge and resubmerge like a submarine, and use the rigging, boards, and cannons as weaponry during combat, giving the impression the ship itself is alive. He is also armed with a magical trident that allows him to commune with the spirits of those lost at sea.

Each Seafarer emulates a specifically dangerous aspect of the ocean; Davy Jones represents sailors who have died at sea.