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Speaking of Fig and Vivian, I’ve got a picture of the height difference between them:

The story behind them: After several months-worth of humiliations, screw-ups, and personal traumas that include his house burning down, being outcast from the other Nightlighters, and finding out how his “friends” REALLY see him, Fig calls it quits. Vivian, meanwhile, is dealing with loneliness, everyone believing her crazy, and relentless harassment from a fellow teammate and his girlfriend. But she has become fond of Fig because of his attempts to reach out to her (despite her terrifying reputation), and has come to recognize she has a lot in common with him and worries for his safety. She finds him about to kill himself and manages to stop him, comforting and soothing him while he breaks down sobbing in her arms. They ultimately decide to stick together, helping each other emotionally heal and rebuilding their relationships (or at least trying to) with the rest of the team. Slowly but surely, the Crow Woman and the Boy With the Most Useless Superpower start to fall in love…