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Dante Brosshollow/Dust Devil: A former member of a drug cartel and the Nightlighter people are most surprised to find out is a Nightlighter. He’s like the peyote hallucination trip from Beavis and Butthead do America given a human form. He’s like Eren Yeager turned loose on the open road after 20 years without killing any Titans.  He’s like Trevor Phillips on even more crack. He thinks men can get pregnant. Point is, he’s a screaming lunatic. But he’s also one of the most intelligent and observant superheroes Atlas has produced, and when the chips are down, he always pulls through for his buddies.

Dante can generate a tornado around himself, the strength of which depends on his adrenaline; he relies on an air-based drug to increase his adrenaline, which in turn can create a cyclone that ranges from a mild swirl of wind to a F5 twister.