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Arcane’s final form before he dissipates out of corporeal form completely and becomes pure energy within the universe. The entity goes by the name Void.

Void’s powers are so immense that Void can manipulate atoms, matter, and the vary particles of existence. Void isn’t dangerous, however, as Void’s main goal is watch, observe, and create. Doesn’t want to mess with balance, so interacting with life’s events are a non interest. However, when balance is disturbed or there is something affecting population extremely, Void will aid in Earth’s survival.

Void eventually vanishes into the vast boundaries within the Universe, finding an empty dimension or reality, to create and observe. This opens various dimensions and multi-verses. Eventually Void’s main goal is to find God, Heaven, and Hell. Void wants knowledge on why Void exists. However, Void is a non-celestial being or able to permeate the plain of existence that is home to demons and angels. Void is tethered to the plain of life and existence.

Void eventually creates a clone of Arcane’s original body, passing on various aspects, knowledge, memories, and powers. This clone has no idea he is’t really “him” and his last memory is right before metamorphosing into Void. Void does this so the soul and humanity attached can be transferred into a body to become a savior on Earth. This way Void has no emotion or feelings attached to being human. Void then dissipates into existence, becoming one with the Universe. But, will this become a cycle with the new Arcane? Reality is a very fickle thing.