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G. W.

I just realized that I never actually posted this guy. I don’t have a name for him yet, but I do have a backstory.

When he was five years old, he realized that he had somehow been born with a superpower. Unfortunately, that superpower was that he could summon into his hand objects of less than one square foot that were less than a meter away from him. Nevertheless, the fact that he had a superpower made him fascinated with the idea of superheroes, and he spent his youth obsessed with comic books, often being bullied because of it.

The bullying only worsened when he found his second love in seventh grade: sewing and fashion. He became obsessed with clothes, and sewed by hand all of the costumes for his high school plays.

When he went off to college, he ended up in the same room as Aiden Ignatius (Captain Blaze) and they quickly became friends. One day, he happed to walk in on Aiden while he was still in his Captain Blaze costume, but unmasked. He quickly got over his initial shock, and began recommending a change of costume. When Ignatius was recruited by the Warrior, he brought his roommate with him, and he is known as the top superhero costume designer in the world.

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