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Christi S

That coming stomp . . . was this their deity of earthquakes, too?! Good to see you’re still around.

Hahah, not that I read, no, I just thought it was kinda dramatic and intimidating… my headcanon on this charrie was actually sorta as a non-powered vigilante anti-hero thingy with a bit of a brutal approach.

N oh yeah! Still round! Love to lurk n see what people make, just been too busy to make do any pieces myself for awhile!


Good to see you back. Your work is incredible

I never left! Just haven’t had the time to do any new pieces. But thanks a bundle!


Holy…this is amazing work! I love the use of colors and perspective! This is more than just character creation…this is art. My favorite is the smiley face guy! The second guy hopping over the ledge is fantastic. I noticed your archer too, I did a very similar pose way back when, when there was an archery CDC! Stuff like this is so inspiring.

Tysm! N yeah, the smiley is everyone’s fav, even made it into the HoF. Which is funny, cuz I wasn’t totally happy with how it turned out n def don’t consider it my best piece, it was really just the first one where I really tried to do a custom pose n mess with the whole gradient shading technique I saw ppl using but there you go! N awe, I musta missed that CDC, I just saw some fool shootin a bow like that on one of those talent shows n thought it’d be cool to try to make the pose! One of the few pieces that was totally mine, not workin off a contest prompt or redoin someone else’s charrie actually.