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G. W.

This is the silver age version of the Man of the Future (what should his name be).

He was a billionaire who made his fortune on technology, and who grew up loving stories of the original Man of the Future. He had already been working on a suit that could make someone a one-man army when his headquarters was invaded by Soviet agents seeking the prototype. To drive them away, he donned the suit, thus becoming the second Man of the Future (1960).

He spent the rest of the decade collaborating with other heroes and fighting the Soviets and Chinese. Then, in 1970, his entire company crashed. He lost all of his money, and thus his suit, and fell into alcoholism. Eventually, he was able to rebuild some of his lost wealth, but not enough to recreate the suit, and even if he could afford it he was no longer fueled by the optimism he had once had. He also had witnessed poverty and other societal problems first hand, and thus he became the vigilante “Whisper,” so called because of his favored weapons: darts and arrows, hence criminals he shot heard nothing but a whisper and saw nothing but a blur as they died.

This Man of the Future can fly, has enhanced strength, and can shoot bullets from his wrists, and has other tools as well (he’s basically a flying, weaponized, high-tech Swiss army knife.) In 1964, he upgraded his suit with alien technology to shoot beams from the hands and be able to fly into space.

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