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Jennifer has the ability of rapid cellular regeneration, which is was an ability granted from mutation of a gene when she was born. It didn’t reach its full potential of nearly instant healing until she was put through a devastating accident, which in return activated the superhuman healing. This ability grants her to live far beyond a normal being whilst retaining her youthful looks. It also provides her with strength beyond what a normal human being is capable of due to the constant healing of muscles from being torn. She is a part of the NYPD and her friend urged her to take up crime fighting as a vigilante. Jen sees it as ridiculous and hardly wears a “costume”, only a mask to hide her face adequately. Her friend suggested she go by the name ReJen as a joke due to her regenerative abilities and her name being Jennifer. It eventually stuck.

Rejen is more of an anti-hero as she is a brutal crime fighter. She is as intelligent as she is brutal. She is a very deadly weapon with her abilities, gifts of being a skilled fighter, and her determination.