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G. W.

I have no intention of entering this week’s contest, but I was inspired by it. This is my superhero version of the Nutcracker (I deliberately gave him somewhat nutcracker-like facial features, and thus, yes, he is supposed to look a little creepy).

The Nutcracker is from an alternate dimension, where he leads a resistance force against his nemesis, the Mouse King. Every Christmas Eve at midnight, his avatar in our world, a wooden nutcracker doll, springs to life, and the Mouse King comes through as well, and their forces fight until the morning, when they return to their own realm.

The main reasons I’m choosing not to submit this one are a) “The Nutcracker Suite” is instrumental, and I think the contest was asking for songs with lyrics and b) the contest calls for literal interpretation, whereas I decided to go the superhero route.

Anyway, I will get back to my normal universe eventually.

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