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G. W.

Finally, rounding out the founding members of the (modern) All-Stars is the Electric Eel, the team’s field leader. Given that he’s the leader, as well as the one who contacted the Warrior to form the team in the first place, I probably should have had him first, but I wanted to save him for last because he’s my favorite piece.

The Electric-Eel is the son of the current Poseidon (yeah, I’ll explain the Olympians in a future post. For now, all you need to know is that the Gods are families, not individuals), and the Prince of Atlantis. His uncle, calling himself Neptune, aligned himself with Zeus’s traitorous brother Jupiter and his group of Olympians who claim themselves to hold the true power and model themselves after the Roman pantheon and tried to take over Atlantis. Neptune’s forces launched a siege on Poseidon’s castle, and the Electric Eel, using an enchanted cloak made with squid ink that can turn its wearer invisible, managed to escape the siege and contact his father’s ally the warrior, who helped him raise a team, and thus the All-Stars were born.

I am extremely satisfied with how this piece turned out (except for the legs).

The Electric Eel has the enhanced strength, speed, stamina, endurance, and lifespan that come with being an Olympian, the significantly enhanced swimming skill and underwater breathing that come with being an Atlantean, and electric powers (that somehow manage to work underwater without killing a bunch of fish.)

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