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G. W.

Charles Canis (Wolf):

Basically the same thing as every other Charles Canis backstory I’ve written. Canis fought in World War II. On the way back, his ship crashed on a tiny island. The survivors found a mysterious spring, which, as Canis would later learn, grants immortality, as well as enhanced strength, speed, and endurance. One by one, all of the other survivors died, falling off of cliffs, drowning, burning, or being devoured by the wolves. By the mid ’60s, Canis was the only one left alive. Somehow, he managed to survive on his own until the late 2010s, at which point he was discovered by a “small fishing boat” (actually sent by the Warrior, who had heard rumors of mysterious occurrences on the island, and who had long before discovered strange things on nearby islands). Just before boarding the boat, Canis got bit in the leg by a wolf. The bite knocked him out for the duration of the trip, but, upon arrival in Maine, he transformed into a wolflike creature. He was quickly knocked out again, and, when he awoke, he was fully human with the Warrior standing over him.

Canis has the ability to transform into his wolf-like state at will (though there are different levels of transformation), although it can also be affected by strong emotion. If he is in a particularly uncontrollable state of emotion for too long, he could become permanently stuck as a wolf (a complete wolf, with no human attributes). He is also immortal, and has above-average strength, stamina, and durability.

I am far more satisfied with my new versions of both Canis (I especially think he looks better with a beard) and the Wolf (the slightly more humanoid features and bizarre eyes of previous versions were just disturbing) than previous incarnations, although the Wolf could still use a little work. Any suggestions for how to fix him?

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