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CDC- History Revisited

It’s been a while since I actually made something. Man, am I rusty!

No one know who the hero Sekhem* really is, and no one would believe it to be the powerful businesswoman Hatshepsut. Head of one of the largest companies in the world, she has ties in everything from warfare to trade and back again. But all that has come at a price. Her nephew, Amenhotep, bitter that he did not become head of the company, turned to villainy. At first, his goal was to ‘wipe her name from the face of the earth’, but has broadened his sights to try and carve out his own empire, beginning with the criminal underground. Donning a suit of the most advanced technology (and drawing on her time in the military), Hatshepsut will protect the world from his machinations.

Picture is her in and out of costume.

*the word sekhem is where the name of the goddess Sekhmet is derived from. the real Hatshepsut associated herself with this goddess, an important war deity.

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