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“כל החוטפים שלך חרא, תן לי ללכת לך חזירים”!” the girl cursed at the men.
“She’s a witch i tell you! I head her cast a spell!
The great Satan will be angered if we kill her” the cultist muttered.
“She’s pure woman bother, ripe for the dark lord! She will be this nights offering.”the woman spoke
“No, we must wait, the stars are not yet right.” said the leader.
“..But she wears the mark oh magus!” cultist complained
“No speak more I am the magus of this coven and she die only at the time.” the leader commanded,
“האם אמא שלך התלבשה, או שמסיכת החנות של הדולר שלך היא רעיון השמן שלך? “שאלתי.” the girl giggled as she spoke.

“Oh you should hear this lot, there the short bus crew alright, can’t tell a star of David from a pentagram or Hebrew when they hear it.

“Well how many are there?” Emilie asked
“Just three and this language is not fit for young lady’s like you two.
she swears like soldier.”