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G. W.

Mitosis Man: Due to a lab accident, Franklin Jones now has the ability to split himself into two men, identical to each other and to the original in every way, and those can also separate (they are often used as expendable foot soldiers. Also, the original Mitosis Man hasn’t technically existed since the first time he used his powers. There is, however, one who serves as the leader of the Mitosis Men clones until his death. Different ranks wear different uniforms. Gold is command, blue is officers, red is foot soldiers, and grey serve various non-combat functions.

In the future, those who are not killed will work as the staff aboard the space station which serves as the headquarters of the Intergalactic Alliance of Superheroes, an organization originally created by the Warrior (as the Alliance of Superheroes) to train and coordinate superheroes  (there are many who operate independently for one reason or another). They also help superheroes who are low on funds. At the moment, the Alliance has yet to build their space station, and is  still headed by the Warrior.

Note: I realize that, given that his name is Mitosis Man, the number in the picture should be an exponent of two. I simply wasn’t thinking at the time.

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