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Lady Amaranth

Searine should she ever be possessed by the demon Szereban. She’s hotter, redder, and oh so much badder.

Her backstory:

Searine was concieved by a demon-worshiping cult that made up a small rural village. She was born a tiefling as a product of the town’s work, and she was raised with the purpose to pledge herself to a powerful demonic patron. The town hoped that she would eventually house the demon lord, who in turn would bestow the cultists with the power to destroy and conquer the lands around them. They kept her locked up in a cellar to prevent her from running away. The night before her 18th birthday, the day she would have to make the pledge, she prayed to the stars for any diety to spare her from her fate.

That night Mystra, goddess of magic, answered her call. The goddess sent onto her one of her underlings, an elder being. In trade for Searine’s pact it would give her the power necessary to escape.

She has been on the run ever since. The cultists still hunt her. In conversation she never mentions her last name as Szereban is the name of the demon. She fears that the name can draw the demon’s attention. Searine hopes to find a lost lore that will hide her from the demon and his minions once and for all.

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