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G. W.

The Protector (for this week’s CDC. Assuming he doesn’t win, I’ll add him to my universe anyway.)

A wealthy man who had an experience which opened his eyes to the poverty in his city. The more he analyzed the situation, the more he realized that it all came down to corruption. He informed just one man of his plans, and this man helped him create the suit. Initially going by “The Hawk,” he was initially brutal in his methods. Before long, he became substantially less extreme in his methods, becoming far more of an outright hero and renaming himself “The Protector.” However, he was still a little more willing to bend the rules than most

Eventually, the Hawk met a superhero named “Captain Meteor.” The two did not initially get along, as Captain Meteor did not approve of some of the Protector’s methods. However, they soon mostly settled their differences and became good friends. They were both the founding members of this superhero team, with Captain Meteor as the leader. After some time as a team, Meteor was killed, temporarily splitting up the team. Now, the Protector has come in with a new team.

The protector has no powers of his own, but is extremely intelligent, and his suit gives him the powers of flight, super strength, and small energy bursts.

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