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Lady Amaranth

Mira Swift is a Chinese-American bounty hunter that goes by the alias “Tigress”. Born and raised in Chinatown in New York City, she was a police officer for 10 years. She became unhappy with the department’s sluggish process in cleaning up the city. Possessing great martial art talent and a deadly aim, she found that she was better suited for vigilante work. On the Chinese New Year she took on the name Tigress, after the animal the year was dedicated too, and had the symbol of the tiger tattooed onto her lower back. Now she stalks NYC’s most wanted at night.

I know the katana is a Japanese sword. I spent a while trying to make a Chinese sword but none of the blades really looked right so I kinda just said screw it and went with this instead.

Pose was inspired by CantDraw. If you look on page 34 of his thread you can check out his picture. Also the text file for Elsapeth is down below. I forgot to upload it when I posted her. I’ll also toss in the text file for Amaranth too.

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