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Tragoth IIV

The Trading center of the Rechhworlds

The air stank of chemicals and Sapphira could feel it, the back of throat was stinging.

She’d had little to do on the flight but read and one of few books was a travel leaflet about Tragoth IIV.

I did explain why every looked so freakishly similar, the planet had less of a gene pool and more like a puddle, a shallow muddy puddle.

but that didn’t make things much better, it was still a planet filled with blue eyed blondes and mostly women, founded by a group of “ethno nationalists” who the less said about the better.

A place where customs wanted to take your DNA profile to “re-balance is stocks”.
And she noted a well armed planet, what need as grenade launcher as custom checks?

Still a pin prick later, she was past them.

“Ok we have maybe a half hour until they find out i have encrypted dnam then who know whatere going to do.
So double cheeseburger?” Raven asked her.