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G. W.

Continuing the golden/silver Age All-Stars: Patrick Samuels/The Eagle (no relation whatsoever to the modern Eagle (Manuel Aquilla) except as a source of the name).

Admittedly, the origin is sort of a Superman ripoff. A craft lays still in a field in upstate New York. It appears to be some sort of a spaceship, which has crashed. A man and a woman approach the craft, and find the door ajar. They see several men and women with large wings dead on the floor (though some had retracted their wings before crashing). As they are about to leave, the couple hears the cry of a baby. They investigate the sound, finding a small baby boy. They raise the child as their own, helping him control his abilities of flight as he grows up.

This version of the eagle has no talons or enhanced senses, but he does have the powers of flight, enhanced speed, and enhanced strength.

After the All-Stars broke up in the early seventies, Samuels continued fighting crime, and died saving civilians from a crashing plane in 1983, after moving everyone on the plane to safety.

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