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G. W.

I finally have a villain, now that I’m done with the All-Stars.

Alfred Midas was once rich, until he devoted all of his time, energy and money to the pursuit of alchemy. Due to his obsession (as well as various chemicals), he went completely insane, but somehow found a formula that turns anything into gold.

Now, Midas uses a tool on each hand to use the formula. He can do it by touching an object, or by spraying it. It should be noted that, in order to actually turn someone into gold, their skin has to be touched or sprayed, not just their clothing. Anyway, Midas cares more about building up a pile of gold than about actually using his money, so he’s little more than a thief. He’s also extremely unstable and aggressive. That said, he isn’t particularly intelligent, so he’s not one of the All-Stars’ primary enemies (assignments to catch him are typically solo missions).

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