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G. W.

Rounding out the All-Stars is The Wolf.

Charles Canis was in the United States Navy World War II. While coming back to America after the war ended, his ship crashed on rocks off the coast of a small, uninhabited island in the Pacific during a storm. Canis was one of just ten survivors. The ten sailors formed an alliance to stay alive, and immediately decided to seek out a source of fresh water. As they walked they discovered that the island looked bizarrely like a North American temperate forest, complete with corresponding flora and fauna. As they travelled, they came upon a pack of wolves. There were too many to run, so one of the men stayed behind, trying to distract the wolves. The other nine never saw him again. The nine continued on, eventually finding a small stream They all drank. Over the next few years, eight of the remaining men died, whether by starvation, poisonous wildlife, bear attacks, or falling, leaving only Canis.

Fast forward to 2010. Canis, despite being over eighty-five years old, still looked just as he had when he arrived on the island (aside from being noticeably dirtier and having long hair and a beard). He came to suspect that it might be the stream, as the wolves never seemed to die, but the plants always died in autumn. In April of 2010, Canis was finally rescued by a helicopter. However, just before he got in the vehicle, he was attacked by a wolf. Canis immediately started to transform, becoming somewhat more wolf than man. A man on board the helicopter was able to tranquilize Canis and the wolf, and Canis was returned to the mainland. Next thing Canis knew, he was laying in a bed with the Warrior looking down at him. Later, Canis found out that the helicopter had been sent by the Warrior to get water from the stream.

The Wolf can transform into a human-wolf combination at will (though it can also be triggered by bursts of emotion.) He can also control the degree to which he transforms (except for when he loses control, in which he immediately morphs into a more powerful, though far less stable state. If he totally loses control, he could become permanently stuck in a highly transformed state.)

When in his wolf form, Canis has claws and fangs, as well as highly enhanced strength, speed, senses, endurance, and agility. In general, Canis is immortal (though not invulnerable).

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