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G. W.

The Eagle: The Eagle was raised in a laboratory from birth, where he was one of only seven successful experiments (I’ll get to the others eventually). When all of the surviving experiments were ten or eleven, six of the seven were able to successfully stage a breakout (the seventh sacrificed himself as a distraction.) The six almost immediately split up, though Eagle stayed with Chameleon. The two of them were f0und by the Warrior a few months after the breakout, and immediately began training. The Eagle has wings, talons, highly enhanced strength and speed, as well highly enhanced senses (particularly sight).

Due to his background, Eagle very rarely trusts anyone (the Warrior and the other All-Stars are the only people he trusts.) He is a bit moodier and far more reserved than the other All-Stars. He shares a very close bond with Chameleon, whom he considers to be his sister (and she in turn considers him to be her brother).

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