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G. W.

Here comes my next unintentional blatant ripo- I mean superhero, Aquam- I mean the Electric Eel.

The prince of an underwater kingdom (I originally had it as Atlantis, but I realized I had accidentally ripped off Aquaman, and tried to make the ripoff less obvious. Please recommend a name for this kingdom), the Electric Eel can manipulate electricity both in and out of (somehow, he is able to do this even underwater without killing everything inside of it. I came up with this character in elementary school, don’t pick apart the logical gaps), talk and breathe underwater (and out of water, but I don’t think that’s really a power), and swim at very high speeds (he can also run slightly faster than the average man, and is slightly stronger and has better endurance than the average man both in and out of water).

Trained to use his abilities by his father Poseidon (not the original Poseidon. The Greek gods are inherited titles in this universe based on a combination of heredity and superpowers), the Electric Eel is the most experienced member of the new team of All-Stars (unless you count the Warrior). He helped the warrior found the team, requesting help from the warrior to calm a rebellion on the part of his uncle Neptune (a title chosen for himself. The Roman gods do not exist in my universe).

Only now do I realize how stupid and unoriginal this character and backstory are. Come to think of it, all of my characters and backstories are kind of crappy. Oh well, I’ll continue torturing you all with them anyway.

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