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G. W.

The first installment in a topic no one cares about.

Little is known about the Warrior or his past. However, in the nineteen-forties, he became a founding member of a team of super-heroes known as “The All-Stars” (the rest of the original incarnation will come later. Right now, I’m working on the current incarnation). While his birth is believed to have been in the late nineteen-twenties, he has not seemed to have aged in years, appearing to have become immortal during the late nineteen-sixties.

In the early nineteen-seventies, the original All-Stars disbanded. The Warrior went off the grid. He was soon placed in charge of the Organization of Superheroes, a loosely organized group designed to find and train new heroes, and to keep heroes on the same side. He personally presides over one of their training sites, on location of an abandoned Vermont summer camp. This is where he personally trained several of the new All-Stars (The Electric Eel had been trained by his father from birth, and Ember was self-trained).

At the sites, as soon as someone is done with their training, they usually either go back to their daily lives or become independent heroes (often with ties to the Organization. The only people who stay past their training are All-Star candidates and certain special cases (i.e., they are at serious risk of death or capture).

When I came up with the concept, I swear I was not trying to even somewhat rip off Professor X. Actually, come to think of it, the majority of my characters are, at least to a certain degree, unintentional ripoffs. Just a fair warning as I continue to post.

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