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Hello I’m Hoodster 225 and I’m a fan-fiction writer.

I found this site while looking for an OC creator.

OC stands for an original character.

I’ve only just started making stories, only two so far, but I am revising them.

I’m 16 and I live in Gerogia,USA though I was born in Teaxs.

You can look for me at

I have the same user name.

I’ve managed to create a lot of awesome characters but I have yet to introduce them in contests but I’m not sure if I’ll enter any in.

Here’s an example: I call him Hoodlum he would be a DC hero and he was magic powers called HAMON.

He and his family were kidnapped by the leauge of assasains in order to control his parents company but he escaped and found a group of HAMON users who were lookig to defeat the LoA since they were like vampires or demons.

If you don’t know what series the word HAMON comes from look up Jojo’s bizzare adventure.


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