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The Hunter Who Fled-

The disease- it carried itself through the air like fog. It hung heavy in the air, and felt like an anvil on your chest. It crept into your blood, infecting your veins and constantly spreading. Upon reaching your brain, you began to change; it affected different people in different ways. Some, lost their sanity, some, became beasts, and the rest died.

The people cried to the Fathers for help, to no avail. They rallied together to subdue their lords, against their refusal, and to force them to help. Cowardly, and afraid, the Fathers dispatched their Wardens to hold them off. The people turned turned their backs on the Fathers, resorting instead to grovelling before the Church. They answered.

For many years, the Church had believed this would happen. The priests called it ‘The Coming of Beasts,’ and had developed an army to fight against them. These were the Old Blood Hunters, and had their specialised weapons and armour to protect against the scourge. They began to purge the City, their robes and weapons striking deep into the minds of anyone. If you were even thought to have the beast within you, you were pulled from your homes and slaughtered. This abhorrent method led to a civil upcry- the people fought back. This battle lasted several years, and was called the ‘Battle of the Bloods,’ meaning that two different blood types were rivals. The Hunters fought valiantly, but were so hugely outnumbered they all gave in, and were murdered with prejudice. But one fled.

He has long since lost his sanity, however he retains the memories of seeing his brothers and friends dying in his arms- perhaps the cause. Whatever the case, his bloodlust for revenge means he is hostile toward anyone who crosses his path- whether they are hunters who fled too, or just villagers.

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