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Christi S

Cool work. Would that be available in color or with a night sky soon?

Night sky? Possibly.

Color? Probably not. The reason I did it gray scale is because none of the preset colors had a sufficient gradient range and I’ve never really got the hang of effectively using the custom color palette.

Also, entry for CDC 342: “Hero Machine: The game!”

1. Be the first to collect:
-8 Body cards (2 arms, 1 head, 2 hands, 1 torso, 2 legs)
-4 Clothing cards (1 hat, 1 top, 1 legwear, 1 shoes)
-2 Item cards
-& 1 Background card!
2. Trade with your opponents’ to get the cards you need!
3. Use CDC cards to force other players to use their cards to make the pictured characters before they can complete their own!
4. Land on the “Start!” square to pick a Body, Clothing, Item, or Background card out of the discard pile from previously-played CDCs!