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Herr D

Well, I’m out of time to work on this one, but I more or less made goal.

Dave, of the HooFlop Diver Team, managed to place in this extreme sports event. The Hydrix ramp dive system manages to convert a vertical dive into a running flat dive where a contestant skips across the water like a flat stone by use of hydraulic emitters. He was triangulated as skipping 97.04 meters. The Moth Gliders, Dave’s famous cheering section, are captured in this shot right before a crash landing that caused the avalanche known as ‘the journalist’s funeral.’

*Bowties became stylized hang-gliders, gun parts became specialized sprinklers, and the balloon became the ramp, the platform for contestants, and its outlines masked several times onto the truss as compression fittings. The truss wasn’t a scheduled misuse, but it’s a corset lace . . . I planned to use the bowtie corners as fitting accentuators, but ran out of time. Cheers.

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