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Herr D

Welcome ev1. I just realized I don’t think I ever introduced myself either. Been around since 2012. P.U.P. once but never got a character to the dash. I test out material for a blogger named Hairy and do his digital art, experiment with most other legal, ethical, and harmless media, occasionally consult between artists requiring others’ expertise or the impossible done by myself. Lots of ‘ghost’ contracts for absolute secrecy, suable if broken. . . so if I talk in vagaries about past experience, the reasons are legal issues.

I now hate contracts, since I am still so bound and have never gotten rich from them or even had one single project I own part of start paying me royalties. I also hate swans and peanut butter, because of money issues. I made too many ice sculptures of one right after college for weddings and ate too much of the other during college. I’ll let you all guess which was which.