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CDC- There is no ‘I’ in Team

Presenting: The Vigilantes! These heroes were, for one reason or another, denied membership into the World Justice Group, an international collection of heroes. They eventually joined with one another to take on crime their own way, outside of the WJG. They are (left to right):

Lady Justice- trained by one of the WJG’s most prominent members, Mareena Baxon is a tech brawler, relying on both gadgets and brute strength, not to mention her twin knives. She fell out with the WJG members after her fellow hero, Wing, was killed by Mister Bedlam and she swore revenge. She was deemed too violent and ‘not a team player’ but her skills have proven invaluable to her new team.

Empath- descended from a group of powerful magic users, Norah Bishop can read and manipulate emotions. The WJG decided that, despite Norah’s training under her mother and grandmother, that her powers were too volatile and dangerous to use in large-scale battles. She has proved them wrong as part of the Vigilantes, and has turned her back on those other heroes who doubted her strength.

Bobcat- Trevor Young is an ailuranthrope, or werecat. Specifically, he takes on the form of a humanoid after an encounter with a strange sorcerer. Unable to rid himself of this ability, he uses it now to help fight crime. Originally, he was unable to control his metamorphosis and became a rampaging monster upon changing. He has since gained control over both through intensive training. He is inhumanly fast and has heightened senses that make him a great asset to the team.

Siren- A mutant who’s true name is unknown, Siren grew up in a violent household. Her powers manifested at puberty, and with them she stopped her father once and for all with her ability to manipulate pheromones and her hypnotic eyes and voice. No one can resist her powers and the WJG deemed her dangerous and too eager to use her powers with lethal force. But, they couldn’t hold her either, as she easily escaped them and joined up with the Vigilantes, harboring a resentment for the heroes who tried to imprison her.

Contagion Man- Fredrick Wellwright wanted to be a hero. He was taking a degree in science when an experiment went wrong, leaving him with the power to infect other people with nonlethal illness for up to two days. Unfortunately, he also makes himself sick in the process. The WJG thought this power ridiculous, so Fredrick found the Vigilantes. It might be unpleasant for him, but striking enemies with sickness has turned the tide of battle for them more than once, and his cheerful, joking nature is appreciated by the whole group.


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