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When Jeremiah Villa was sixteen he was kidnapped on his way to school by The Corporation. The Corporation experimented on Jeremiah and turned him into an android. However, he did not meet the expectations and was deemed a failed experiment. The Corporation decided to exterminate Jeremiah when he used the powers that The Corporation gave him to escape. Jeremiah’s freedom was short-lived as he proved he wasn’t a failed experiment. The Corporation is constantly tracking him down. Jeremiah finally got tired of running and stands his ground in Bedford Falls. There Jeremiah protects the townsfolk from The Corporation and the corrupt Mayor ‘Mad Man’ Martin as Database.

Personality: Although Jeremiah is a loner and feels uncomfortable in crowds, he wants to help people. He views his powers as a gift and as a curse. He feels that being made into an android made him too different to have any close relationships in his life. Even with some friends, Jeremiah feels like an outcast.

Cybernetic Strength: Jeremiah’s cybernetic body gives him immense strength and extraordinary endurance.

Technology Interfacing: Jeremiah can ‘speak’ and control technology of any kind. This can be from blenders, cell phones, cars, or even the internet itself. He also showed that he can connect to alien technology as well on some levels.


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