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CDC- Bite Me

Long ago a sorcerer, in trying to attain greater power, summoned a demon from the depths of hell. Little did the sorcerer realize that this demon, Zixel the Craven, was more powerful than he could handle. Zixel took the sorcerer as his host, needing a body to live on this plane. He also required sustenance: blood. Most of his victims are drained to dried husks, but once he was attacked during a feeding, interrupting him and leaving his meal alive. That person was forever transformed by the blood that fell from the demon and mixed with his own. Zixel’s Children, as they called themselves, grew in number over the centuries, kept alive by feeding the demon’s blood in them the blood of others. Zixel himself delights in this unholy family, though he himself must find new hosts periodically as his power is too great and burns out the bodies he inhabits. His children are more than happy to assist him in this, showing him great reverence as the ‘father’ of their race.

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