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Lady Amaranth
Amorie - Old

Amorie – Old



Here’s another one of my remakes. Amorie was a Rouge Construct in the Dungeon Keepers forum roleplay that I mentioned before. Rouge Constructs were characters that you created for the purpose of serving another Keeper.

Amorie served the blizzard-themed Keeper that lived in the northern lands. She was a vampiric succubus who was granted ice-related abilities by her master. Among her powers were supernatural seduction, levitation, healing through drinking blood, vocal mimicry, she could take the form of a black-haired human woman, or an ice form that made her near-invisible, and forming ice weapons out of thin air.

Personality wise she was witty and sadistic. She preyed upon both male and female humans often pulling cruel “pranks” on them before feeding. Her seduction was powerful enough to even have some influence on Keepers and other Constructs. She was mostly a spy for her master due to her forms and mental abilities.