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Well done on winning the contest.

If I may, there are a few things that could be improved on in this picture, mainly with the background. Firstly, you missed a trick by not putting a shadow under her when you have a background and you’ve shaded both the body and the background. Just a resized gradient circle would do, nothing too drastic, but not having the shadow makes the character look like it’s super-impossed onto the background, kinda like 70’s greenscreen.

Secondly, I don’t think you chose the right floor. If you were going for grass, then I think the carpet floor or the sand floor are better for short grass textures than a rocky floor with a pattern (I tend to avoid using the on item patterns because they never give the effect you really want) or there are a few floors in the Landscapes section of the Backgrounds that are really good forest floors. Also, you could have mixed it up a bit with the fallen leaves, rotated one of the items and maybe added some leaves from the ItemsRight- Energy, because as they are they look too uniform to have fallen naturally.

But other than those bits, it’s really good and definately deserved to win the contest (no disrespect meant to the other entrants). Keep up the good work.