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Michael Chiarcos


When I see a new artist asking for feedback I tend not to mince words, so please don’t take anything personally. I myself have very little artistic talent, which is why I focus mainly on execution and detail. If you are using these images just to flesh out your ideas for your story, then they are quite good. If you want to push the limit, there are a few technical issues you should address. I tend to prefer people to inform me of my mistakes rather than just pass them by because they don’t want to hurt my feelings.
Try experimenting with the transform page where you can adjust the size, shape and orientation of the items, the placement of his jeans allows his knees to show through from behind.
Are his fists supposed to be resting on his hips or his butt? Use layering to bring them forward.
Style is style, you can’t argue it, but for my tastes I find his chest armor and shoulders too cluttered.
The colour choice on the giant tattoo behind him that is enlarged to look like an aura gets lost in the planetary background as does his sword.
All in all a very good image.

You might be familiar with the phrase K.I.S.S. – Keep It Superbly Simple. In some cases when you want to draw attention to a feature, less is more.

A few Old Ideas, a Few New Ideas

These are some of mine. I think you will see how even simplistic as they are, the colours work to enhance, not hide and the layering is key. My amazon’s face is a generic face that I overlayed with other pieces to allow me to change what I wanted.