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CDC- Character Classes: Fighters

Valti is the elder sister of Phaeya Half-Dwarven and was a born a noble in the city of Stoneguard. She forswore the trappings of noblility and instead dedicated herself to the god of combat as a member of the fearsome berserkers. Her extensive tattoos are magically imbued, and only those trained in the berserker arts are allowed to use the sacred blue ink. They are a part of the training she underwent to harness the primal rage that is the key to her power. She wears the black armor of her station, decorated with some of her personal trophies (larger skulls or other items are displayed elsewhere). Berserkers, especially dwarven ones, favor two-handed weapns, and Valti’s axe is no exception. Whether in the great, underground tunnels of Stoneguard or the impeccable King’s Road on the surface, Valti is a force few could stand against.

In RPGs I generally play warriors, especially dwarven warriors if I have the option. I also love the barbarian/berserker/reaver/etc. subsets or variations thereof. So basically I made a picture of all my favorite things 🙂

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