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Yep it’s new art and heres how it was made in a dozen crappy print screen pics.
The first and most important step is as Sveirj’s a viking is to put on some  Amon Amarth.


As i’ve said before i like to put all my masking behind a big back ground.

The robot body go’s to the back and a human body head and face is put on the front.

The feet come next, you’ll note that there off set with one foot being forwards.

Weapons come next but will be moved for better fit later, the purple box is for masking.

Weapons fitted and a hand added.

Basic out line of here armour, this is going to have mail masked to it, hence the blue out lines.

Now some Hair.

Added the shoulder of her cloak and the start of her mail face cover.

Helmet Spectacle

And the Helmet.

The Helemt’s plume.

Cloak time.

The bottom of her mail.

All three parts in and ordered.

Start of the trousers

Centrer part

And masked in place.

Boot details.

Used hammer parts for thors hammer.

Belt to keep her cloak on.

And one for her sword scabbard.

Decided on just useing eyes.

mask on face tattoos.

Helmet’s had Spectacles not sunglasses.

A bit of colour and reordered and i hace to do some more work.

A change of face veil

masked another pair of head in front of the hair.

Some work on the sword.

more colouring, note that the boots are different shades.

Wings added to the helmet.

Masked on male mail to each part, some parts are shaded darker.

Now on the the shield.

With the rivets covered up and an emblem we are done.

Ok there’s still no background or shadowing but it’s done for now.