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Rick Blair

Michael…to answer your questions..

1) No, I didn’t intend for the orange smoke/flames to show thru his hood but I couldn’t figure out how to do it.

2) With Pteradon I wanted his boots to appear to be a black leather kind of thing, so I used a grey highlight. I agree it probably should have been a bit darker. As for his hand, I envisioned that since it was kind of pulled back alongside his body and with the wings that it would be in shadow.

3) You are right about Granite’s belt and I do plan to go back and fix it at some point.

4) Fahrya’s hands were originally the same outline color but they seemed to be too dark for my liking, so I lightened it up a bit so the lines weren’t looking so thick and overwhelming.As for her feet, I figured that since she is a Wood Elf she would not have a need or want for footwear that might inhibit her travels thru the trails and tree-tops.

Thanks for all the input and advice. Greatly appreciated!