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Christi S

Ah, well thanx for both the edification and the compliment, Keric! N lol, I’m really not so squeamish anymore, I’ve just never taken the time to go back n re-watch it.

Its ‘an’, Herr D; silent consonants don’t count towards that particular grammatical rule. And yeah hahah… I myself took a look at my piece n was like; ‘there’s not enough sand in that hourglass for her to be in any kind of actual danger’. But I got lazy so left it.

Not sure about the copy/pasting text issue. I don’t have any trouble doing so. It could be because this site isn’t behind an SSL certificate and, depending on what browser/security you’re using, it doesn’t trust it to access your clipboard as a result? Maybe check the log on your browser and/or security and manually greenlight it for the future? Just hazarding a guess though. Could be way off.

Anywho, here are yall’s items! (with text in-image this time, because I finally learned fonts)

Just as a refresher, I will be judging the entries by the same criteria/scoring system as the last time I did this:

1. Composition: The overall quality of the style/technique used in the piece. 2 points!

2. Element Composition: How well the items were used/fit in to the piece. 3 points!

3. Creativity: How well the items were MISUSED in the piece. 3 points!

4. Aesthetics: Which piece I think just has the better overall finished product. 1 point!