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Herr D

Items: Musical chairs style was ambitious, and congratulations on doing so well with it. I almost wish I had a built-in bonus for that, but I doubt it will come up often. Fire as snake put in shadow was the right call, made it less awkward. I put it on par with the fire as a crown and two-toned ritual-affected fire. The sand as fire was more plasma wave with glowing embers, but fire, yes. And on par with the sand as not only sand but an interesting ensemble minus smoothness value. (Keric, if you had made that one ‘strip’ droop like cloth, you’d have fived that and gone up in Whistles. Now snake as sand on condensation residue, very believable, but that made the danger less real. Putting more sand above it would’ve also raised Emo val for you. Keric won that category with snake tat as a magical poison emanation AND the ritual cairn-altar-pieces. Double the misuses without a smoothness dock is pretty much an auto-five and a ‘sorry-I-can’t-give-more.’ It’s a ‘high-five.’ Heh, heh.

Bonus: CS–Aladdin and Jasmine were it. Two towers, one inside and one outside. Those items WERE obstacles for IJ:RotLA, but not so close to Indiana’s final gambit. Who’d’ve thought eyelids were so powerful?

Christie! Pick 3 and set a deadline!

Breakdown in next post.

BTW? Does anyone know why I can’t copy-paste pretyped text here? What’s so ‘dangerous’ about it? 403 danger . . . forbidden?