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Herr D

Characterizing this week, I’d say K did some original thinking and CS did loads and loads of polish on a (an?) homage.

Keric ‘formalized the existence’ of his backstory with a presented title.  Good story there. Christie’s background had depth in spades (see what I did there?) Had the stars been more diverse, or the walls had battle damage or something it might’ve fived. Keric’s background was a little flat, but the content was great. Floating land masses will do that.

Homages are nice but seem to produce a muted emotional effect in me. Keric’s piece had some ambiguity, so the emotional and items’ story category came out as a tie.

Bells and whistles were where CS really shone. K’s placement of two-toned fire was good, just ritually symmetrical enough that being identical was a problem. Otherwise it would’ve taken the category  with that difficult posing. What really hurt him in Whistles was that second left hand. Snakelike would’ve meant it was part of her affliction. Translucent would’ve been a twitch effect. It looked like an error. CS’s lighting and depth took that.

I’m having trouble posting–continued in another post block.