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CDC- A Valiant Effort

Eigyr and Hywel were the inseparable twins of a widowed local lord. He raised them both the same, and Eigyr was trained in fighting alongside her brother. She excelled in it, learning spear, sword, and shield with ease. When the twins reached adulthood, they traveled to Caerleon, where King Arthur held court with his knights. The knights welcomed Hywel, but rebuffed Eigyr, telling her she had no place at the Round Table. Dejected, she eventually found herself on the banks of the river, unsure of what to do. At sunset, a mysterious barge appeared, piloted by a group of ethereal women. Their leader, Vivian, told Eigyr she was a Chosen of Avalon, and that she had a great destiny. She also gave her a sword, and Eigyr became the first wielder of Avalon’s Might. Filled with it’s power, she returned to the Round Table and demanded a place by trial of combat. She defeated three opponents and fought Ser Lancelot to a standstill when the King himself called the match and welcomed her to the Table. There she was a peerless knight, having many adventures even after her brother returned home to rule after their father’s death. When Arthur fell, Eigyr did her best to keep up the ideals he left behind, and trying to make the world better. In her old age, she herself went to Avalon and her final fate is unknown. All that is known is that her sword has been wielded by many Champions since then, each entrusted it by a strange cadre of women.

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