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Interesting color scheme on Splitfire.
Nice balance in his costume when it comes to visibly armored and rather flexible parts, i like that kind of thing.
He is for sure one ready-to-fight henchman, that at least i can read from his pose.

Deathstalker look really fabulous…deadly, i mean deadly!
her pose and facial expression are both well made and together create perfectly captured in-fight feel in image.
Glow effects give nice touch to her overall design.
well done, really well done.

Gustav is interesting approach on brute-force character.
i like his, quite stylish to be honest, outfit. It is to some point elegant in my opinion.
armor-bracelets are always in fashion when it comes to hand-to-hand combat preferring characters, so well done.

Koerlungr is really nice knight i must say.
Armor seems solid and well decorated for someone with the title of a “Champion”, and that’s good.
His Inifinity Blade adres me. Nice space/stars/blackness of space effect. Blade truly stands out.

You have really cool ideas and way of putting them to life. Don’t stop creating, keep on so i can comment more of yours interesting creations.